Everybody loves getting outside with friend’s family and other loved ones. Great weather good company and excellent food always makes for exceptional memories. Whether you are hosting pool side, praparing your in-house food on a rainy day, gathering in your back yard or tailgating for the big game, the alter of our fun get events have always been the grill. Some come to check in on how the delicious food is coming, while others are keeping a watchful and cautious eye on the single person who can claim to be the Grill Expert.

Humans have been grilling since the first cave men first put fire to food. An invention that not only propelled all of society and mankind forward but a moment in human History I am personally thankful for. We have found many ways to perform this task. We have come a very long way from digging pits to burn wood fires. Today mankind has found endless options to perform the age old and long loved task of grilling out which can be seen by the choices offered below.

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Grilling, A Brief Overview

The Grill is the most important part of any back yard. It is not only a shrine to good food that can be made. It can also be a symbol of ones success. Just like how someone would by Mercedes Benz or a Rolex watch to show his or her footing in society. Some people buy the most expensive grill they can find and only the only use it serves is looking good. Who can blame them? Some top of the line models of grills look absolutely beautiful.

Other grill masters turn to whatever they can use to get the job done. I have personally eaten some simply delicious food cooked on a repurposed steel drum with a metal grate. This proves you don't need fancy equipment to make good food. But lets face it, using the repurposed steel drum is a labor of love. It includes steps and extra labor the typical weekend warrior may not want to take on.

Which Grill Is Right For You?

Grills are not only a centerpiece of a patio or a grill masters obsession. They are a useful utility for any home. As mentioned before there are so many options to choose from when finding a new grill, there are many things one must consider when trying to decide what is the best grill for them. These options include price, style, durability, operational cost, fuel source and upkeep. With so many options and things to consider, it is easy to become very overwhelmed when trying to decide which grill you should choose to purchase.

Have no fear; we are here to help you make the best decision when buying your next grill. In the sections below we will break down the best options available divided in to three categories: Best Gas Grills, Best Charcoal Grills and Best Electric Grills. In each category we will cover some options that are affordable, practical and the luxurious. Knowing your options will allow you to make a sound decision when making your next grill purchase. May even help you find options you may of not known were available to you.

Which Type Of Fuel Source Is Right For You?

When it comes to grilling these days it comes down to one question. What fuel are you using to grill? This is an endless debate that has been waged for many years. Long books have been written proclaiming one source to be better than the other. Television shows such as “Grilling And Chilling” have put the two main sources (gas and charcoal) head to head to see who was best every week.

As with any great debate most people are divided on this issue. Much like modern US politics some people are so diehard with their opinion on this that they consider disagreement to be as harsh as actual fighting words. To make your options even harder and to through a stick in the old two fuel system we have become so used to a new fuel source is now available for grilling. Well less of a fuel source and more of a heat source. Electric grills are powered by the electric grid, which means any number of fuel sources can be used. These days one can literally eat a nuclear burger or a hydroelectric hotdog.

When choosing a fuel source, there are many practical things one must consider. If you choose a charcoal-burning grill, do you live at a location that allows you to have open flames on your property? When choosing you must consider, do you want to use tanks or your homes natural gas utility? If you choose natural gas, do you have proper connections to natural gas? Are you willing to spend the money needed for proper installation? No mater which fuel choice you think is right for you there are many options available to cover any need you may have.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are a great choice for many grill masters. They are reliable and start in undesirable conditions such as rain and snow. Once the knob is turned the grill is heated in just a few quick minutes. The adjustable flame allows for a consistent and even heating surface every time it is used. They are easy to clean as there is no ash only food residue left behind after use, making the gas grill a very convenient choice for any urban Grill Master who has limited space to work his craft.

The foolproof operation is not the only reason why some people are just so devoted to their gas grills. Some people swear by how clean the natural gas or propane burns compared to a charcoal grill. Just as charcoal lovers love the taste of the burning fuel infused into the meat or vegetable cooked on a charcoal grill, Gas grill lovers like how their clean burning fuel leave very little taste on their meats and vegetables.

Gas grills are also very attractive pieces of cooking equipment. Most feature a beautiful stainless steel finish and slick curvy design aspects. Making these grilling masterpieces a true work of art. That very fact is what matters most when it comes to the cost of your gas grill. Beautiful shiny grills can become very costly while some more modest less shiny options are available at a much more reasonable price at around $100 or less.

Other things to consider with gas grills when it comes to the price include things like the size of the grill. Some small gas grills with tiny propane tanks are very cheap priced at around $30-$50 which are fantastic for camping and tailgating. Other grills are very large, take up a lot of space and are very elaborate with attachments such as a stovetop or even bun warmers. These grills can get very expensive usually ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as high as $2000 or in some cases even more.

Charcoal Grills

This is the tried and trusted method to true grilling according to many self proclaimed Grill Masters. To many it comes down to the taste. While others consider that this is the way we have cooked for centuries and it has always worked just fine. As they say "if it is not broken, don't fix it" and in the in mind of the charcoal loving grill master, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a beautiful charcoal grill and the absolutely mouth watering food it delivers time and time again as it has been done since the dawn of man.

To others it’s simply the smell of the coals burning. This smell gives the charcoal grill master a strong feeling of nostalgia. Taking them back to the days of their youth when the were the ones playing in the back yards while their fathers were the grill experts making those hamburgers that just don't taste the same made any other way. To these people they do not mind taking on that Smokey smell when grilling. That strong Smokey aroma comforts them long after the job in done.

Charcoal grills are typically very simple. Most of the time they are made of a real simple design that features a bowl shaped area to burn the coals and a metal grate or grill as the primary cooking surface. What separates us from the cavemen in our modern charcoal grill design is the lid with vent. This helps keep a high temperature inside while the vent regulates this heat and allows the release of smoke.

Most charcoal grills are very moderately priced. After all, digging a pit and laying your oven rack placed over it is always an option you can turn to. But we are a part of a modern and civilized society. We have many great modern charcoal grills to choose from to distinguish ourselves from the cavemen just a little bit more. Simple round shape models can cost as little as $20 and get the job done very well. Larger models are a bit more expensive but sometimes feature things like second racks and work shelves. These typically cost around $80 to $100 and can get as high as $200 to $300. Making these the more quality yet affordable choice for many grill experts.

While most charcoal grills are very simple and modest in their design, other charcoal grills can be excessively elaborate and luxurious design features that more closely resemble their gas grill counterparts. These grills are very beautiful. As much a piece of art as the high-end gas grills mentioned before. This means the caveman o means can show off their success without "selling out" to those gas grill people. These Grills can be just as high as the high-end gas grills. They are priced from $1000 to $2000 or even more.

Electric Grills

Electric grills are the youngest of the three options. As with any new kid on the block, he gets picked on a lot. All of the gas and charcoal grill masters finally found something they can all agree on, electric grills are not grills. People who use electric grills are not and cannot ever be a true grill expert. These opinions of course do not go over well with people who consider themselves to be masters of the electric grill, thus they consider themselves to be grill masters and do not care too much what those ancient grill masters think.

There are many reasons why people choice to use electric grills. One reason is convenience, many people live in apartments or town homes that restrictions on grills having open flames on their property. This is because open flames can be dangerous in such tight living conditions. While these places usually have designated areas to grill, this is in no way convenient as trips to the kitchen are a frequent thing. The solution to this is the electric grill.

Electric grills are usually very reasonably priced and are covenant in size. Most models can fit nicely on the corner of the kitchen counter top along with the toaster and the microwave. Many electric grills are also two sided and can be pressed like a Panini press for faster grilling on less delicate items. Electric grills are also very easy to clean, requiring only a quick wipe after most uses and many models can be easily broken down and are machine washable.

Some small indoor electric grills can fit only a small steak and around one burger. These can be purchased for about $20. Other outdoor electric grills are larger and more closely resembles a traditional outdoor grill. This can be priced anywhere from $40 to $150. These grills have a larger cooking surface, which allows for more food to be cooked at once. This means more people can eat at the same time. Other electric grills are made of stainless steel and looks almost like the elite outdoor stainless grills mentioned before. These are actually much cheaper. These only cost just a few hundred dollars. Also remember to consider the producer of your electronic grill. As with all electronics they are subject to the quality in which they were built. With electric grills it really is getting what you pay for.

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